Wireless Fidelity: The Rundown

What is Wireless Fidelity?
The term Wireless Fidelity is made up of the words “Wireless”, meaning using waves instead of cables for signal transfer, and “Fidelity”, meaning lasting support. As this break-up would suggest, Wireless Fidelity is a term used to define data technology that allows people access to high-speed internet without the need for cables. A common misconception is that Wireless Fidelity is an expansion of “Wi-Fi”. One is forgiven for believing this piece of misinformation since a Google search for “Wi-Fi full form” confidently presents Wireless Fidelity as the result. In truth, Wi-Fi was created just as a more marketable trademark term for the technical-sounding “IEEE 802.11” one.

Wi-Fi itself refers to the popular wireless network technology which enables a Wireless Local Area Network, or WLAN. We know that the gadgets we use every day like mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs, etc., all have Wi-Fi capabilities. What this means is that these devices support frequencies at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidths. These frequencies are distinct from those used for phone, TV, and radio signals to prevent interference.

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