What Factors Should Be Considered When Conducting App Market Research?

1. Target Audience: Who is your intended audience and what do they need? What are their demographics and interests?

2. Market Size: How big is the app market and what is the potential for growth?

3. Competition: What other apps are available in the marketplace and what makes yours unique?

4. Pricing: What is the pricing model for the app and what features should be included in the app to make it competitively priced?

5. Platforms: What platforms should the app be available on?

6. Distribution Channels: How will you distribute the app and what strategies will you use?

7. Promotion: What strategies will you use to promote the app and attract users?

8. User Experience: How will the user experience be improved by using the app?

9. Monetization: How will the app generate revenue?

10. Analytics: What metrics will you use to measure the success of the app?