Thailand Trip Cost: This is The Least Amount of Money You Need in Your Bank Account if You’re Planning to Visit The Country

Thailand is now welcoming tourists from all countries including India after being shut for more than 6 months. Thailand over the years has been one of the most popular holiday destinations and as per the official number in 2019, Bangkok was the most visited city as 38 million tourists visited the country. But due to the pandemic, the country closed all it’s borders to contain the spread of the virus. Thailand, officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand, followed all the safety COVID-19 guidelines. Now, the Thailand government has announced Special Tourist Visa (STV) scheme for all the travellers. Also Read – 5 Best Things To Do In Thailand For Kind Of Traveller

Under the Special Tourist Visa, you can now stay in Thailand for 90 days and even extend your stay twice, and you can stay up to 9 months. Now, if you are planning to visit the country there are certain point to keep in mind before you head for your next adventure.

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