Resilience and Mental Health Awareness: Early Warning Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Resilience Collective (RC) is an IPC registered mental health charity powered by peers, for peers. Peers, or persons with the lived experience of mental health conditions are empowered through our resilience education modules which equip peers with recovery strategies and coping mechanisms, and peer support initiatives which see peers supporting each other as they progress ahead in their
recovery journeys. By harnessing the voices of peers which speak to the value of first-hand perspectives and knowledge of mental health recovery, and co-producing holistic mental health solutioning with other stakeholders, RC together with our peers help to drive anti-stigmatism and promote help-seeking among those at risk. Through community-driven initiatives and engagement, RC aims to drive meaningful dialogue based on equal partnerships between peers and society, building inclusivity and removing the damaging mentality of “us and them.”

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