If the Chinese J-20 is a True Fifth Generation Fighter

This is an update of my previous article regarding the Chinese stealth fighter J-20.

And going back to my previous work, I saw the J-20 not as a sophisticated piece of engineering, but a cheap copy of western fighters. In its present state, it cannot go toe to toe with other Fifth Gens, but likely it’s an effective terror weapon against smaller countries. You know, these past years they are flexing their muscles in the West Philippines Sea by occupying someone else’s exclusive economic zone. And the leader of a certain country was too afraid to stand up. And a fifth-generation fighter in China’s disposal is an effective way to convince these countries that a struggle is futile.

Given that it’s really a fifth generation, as what some sources say.

I once heard a report that the so called “Mighty Dragon” was downgraded from a proud fifth generation fighter, to a fourth gen. The internet is infested with fake news and propaganda stories, with some coming from China. Hence, I did a bit of research on what really happened, or if the story has credence. Nevertheless, with problems plaguing China’s stealth fighter programs, you cannot blame anyone if they doubt that the J-20 is really a real Fifth Gen. But then this might be the price of knock-off technologies. You only get a get half of the quality.

How Do You Define a Fifth-Gen
An F-22 Raptor, the U.S. Fifth-Generation champion.

Fifth-generation fighters belong to an exclusive class. They are the most advanced warbirds to ever hit the sky. They are usually developed in the early 21st century, and only a few countries have their own champions to boast. The U.S. got the Raptor and the Lightning II, while Russia’s answer is the SU-57. Now, the characteristics of a fifth-generation fighter could be vague, and at times controversial. But aircrafts under this category share some common design elements.

First is the stealth, which became the very trademark of this fighter generation. Approach on beating the radar includes

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