Ginkgo Retail simplified bulk order system

The process begins when many customers place an order online on the e-commerce platform connected with Ginkgo Retail. Ginkgo Retail comes into action to handle this bulk order booking on the e-commerce platform with automation. Its automation software automatically processes the orders, generating invoices, and updating inventory levels.

One of the standout features of Ginkgo Retail is its automated order allocation functionality. This feature enables businesses to allocate orders based on the proximity of the delivery area and the shipper’s address. By doing so, businesses can optimize their delivery operations and ensure timely order fulfillment. Moreover, Ginkgo Retail’s platform allows businesses to manage orders from multiple sales channels on a single dashboard, providing convenience and efficiency in order management. Whether listed on various marketplaces or receiving orders on their website, businesses can manage all orders from a centralized portal provided by Ginkgo Retail. With these capabilities, e-commerce businesses can streamline their bulk order processing journey, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.