We are one of the well-known manufacturer and supplier of Food Grade Belt that is used in the food industry, food processing, food packaging, bakery & confectionery etc. This belt is suitable for handling of food materials that need to be moved directly on belt surface. We can supply the right belt with the right production like sealed edges, cleats, sidewalls, v-guides, etc.

it is available in white blue green color finishes, which also do not transfer any aroma as well as color contamination to food products handled.

We manufacture this belt that is permitted for coming in direct contact with food products and is highly durable as well as efficient. It is made from food grade PVC or PU, and helps in easy packing and conveying of food materials to different departments.

Food processing and packaging is one of the most specialized segments in the conveyor belting industry. Accurate Industrial has decades of experience in the industry from poultry/meat to candy, bakery, pet food, and dairy, we keep you moving.

Benefit of using conveyor system :-

Conveyor systems are mechanical material handling equipment that moves a wide range of products. While conveyors were first invented to transport goods onto ships at ports, they are now used in various industries, including mining, agriculture, automotive, and the food and beverages industry.