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In case you're trying to find life science advisors? So relax, I'm here to help. Gunn has been an advisor and partner to publicly traded diversified funds, private equity, venture capital, sovereign wealth, and family offices for 15 years supporting the deployment of $20B+ across 150 investments. She also served on the advisory board of Brown University, Neurogensis Life Science, Modelis, Lumiio, and as the Chairman for SpotArt Foundation (Cultural Diplomacy). Gunn currently serves on the Board of Directors of Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust, Burst Therapeutics, Welwaze Medical, the University of Edinburgh, as a Senior Advisor for Hillhouse Capital, and as a US National Security Fellow at NWC. With an emphasis on topia and a tender touch, Give us a call at (880) 230-750-009 to learn more.