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UG courses | Alfaisal University

The comprehensive and vibrant Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences programme at Alfaisal University covers a wide spectrum of scientific specialties. Students who complete this multidisciplinary programme will have a... Read More

General studies l Alfaisal University

A fascinating four-year general studies bachelor's degree programme is available from Alfaisal University in Saudi Arabia. This extensive curriculum aims to give pupils a well-rounded education that spans several fields... Read More

Learn AWS with AppWars Technologies: Because Cloud Computing is Cool

At AppWarsTechnologies, AWS training in noida is like a super cool adventure for anyone, even if you're only 18 years old! Imagine learning how to use powerful computers in the... Read More

Experiential learning | Alfaisal University

In order to develop competent and well-rounded chemists, experiential learning has a transforming effect, according to the College of Pharmacy at Alfaisal University. To supplement the theoretical information learned in... Read More

Pharmacy colleges | Alfaisal University Saudi Arabia

The University Preparatory Programme (UPP) at Alfaisal University provides access to an engaging academic path for aspirant pharmacists. The famous five-year Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) programme offered by the College... Read More

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Physiological Sciences | College of Medicine Alfaisal University

the Physiological Sciences Department of Saudi Arabia's Alfaisal University in Riyadh. The professors in the department impart their expertise and train graduate and medical students in a variety of physiologic... Read More

At Maan’s IAS Academy, students pursue their goals in an environment that values diversity, individuality, mutual respect and free exchange of ideas where they are able to gain and share... Read More

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