Going Micro: From Reputation to Response

In the online space, people trust strangers as much as they trust their friends.
A Brands Online Reputation is real, and if you are not digitally reputed, you brand is most likely at the bottom ranks of your social media driven customer favour.

But, there’s a solution for this fall…
As technology had once birthed IoT, it has advanced to the popular 2020 Industry 4.0 Tech to create various Data driven platforms, to Manage and periodically analyse your Online Reputation.

But before reputation can enhance itself, we need to keep in mind to accelerate responding.
And going back to the past where communication is key, a strong building principle for reputation maintenance is response management.
But why?

Social media surfers have a higher rate of converting to customers if your brand responses to their comments is prompt.

Responses are attention giving tools, and social media consumers love that, which will inevitably increase your conversation rates by 2 folds. Interactions on Social media last for a jiffy, if you respond quick, your customer satisfaction rates will increase by 25%, speedy query and gratification methods keep your customers closer, decreasing the chance of you loosing them to your competitors by 35%.
Now ask yourself a question, is your ORM tool a complete package, or a fragmented process stressful to manage?

Here’s how Locobuzz stands apart from the rest

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