Digital gamechanger: Covid19 shakes up brands to preserve immaculate CX online

2020 has challenged all businesses, b2b and b2c alike. How can AI Tech and Big data help bring seamless CX in a crisis?

Social distancing might be the new normal, but it also has people virtually moving online at such grand volumes, we’re all practically playing Minecraft. Covid19 has done a proper number on every brand whether in retail, e-commerce or even SaaS platforms. What’s interesting is this crisis has unified the world to bring forth the opportunity and necessity to redefine the customer experience.

Almost 3 billion people are under quarantine globally which has led to a paramount shift in the way that people interact with brands (which is largely online). There is a rapid shift in consumption and buying behavior as business operations come to a standstill, and customers focus on investing in essentials only. In fact, customers are even turning to less familiar brands as availability plays a defining role in daily sustenance. How does digital cx, big data and analytics shine light on the way forward from here on?

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